Holiday Party AnimalsThe holiday season is fast approaching and you know what that means… holiday parties and festivities galore! With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all on the agenda, many gatherings of friends, family and colleagues are sure to come your way (and your customers’). It’s time to start prepping yourself for all of these social engagements and here to get you into the party mode with our top 3 “party animals”.

Elford Elephant Buddy

Favorite Song: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars

Elford Elephant Buddy, or as some like to call him Elford Ele”FUN”, is one Embroider Buddy® that knows how to have a good time! Elford is a very versatile stuffed animal who comes in baby blue, baby pink, and bright turquoise! He is 16” of stuffed love with self-contained stuffing pods, so easily removable for personalizing. This buddy can dance to “Uptown Trunk” … I mean “Funk” all night long.

embroider buddy® – Elford Elephant Buddy

Zachary Zebra Buddy

Favorite Song: Anything by the band “White Stripes”

Did you know that Zebra groups travel in large herds? Their philosophy is “the more the merrier” (and safer). Zachary Zebra Buddy likes to keep his friends close, which is the perfect quality to have when you are labeled a “party animal”. With his super soft mane, his adorable pointy ears and his distinct black and white striped coat no wonder he has so many friends!

Embroider Buddy® – Zachary Zebra Buddy


Tory Tiger Buddy

Favorite Song: “Roar” By Katy Perry

You’re gonna hear this tiger roar louder than a lion! Tory Tiger Buddy lists “Kitty” Perry as her favorite singer to dance to and boy does Tory Tiger like to dance! This 16” tiger, with her orange and black coat is the best buddy to have as she can be twirled around the dance floor and then cuddled all night!

Embroider Buddy® – Tory Tiger Buddy

I hope these buddies have got you in the party mode because these next two months are about to fly by! And remember, Embroider Buddy® products make the best holiday gift because they are so easily to customize and make special.

What other songs come to mind when you think of our buddies? Share them in the comments and maybe we’ll feature them in the future.

Be sure to look out on our blog for our holiday hostess gift ideas coming soon!

Happy Partying!