Embroider Buddy 10 Years
In 2006, when our first Embroider Buddy® was introduced, I was filled with excitement and anticipation for the unknown future ahead. I’m proud to say that this year marks our 10th Anniversary! What started with one Teddy Bear has grown into an entire collection of stuffed animals, blankeys, home and holiday accessories. Time has flown by and I am elated to see the happiness and joy these meaningful easy-to-embroider products have brought to friends, family and customers.

I wanted to take time to look back on these last 10 years and reflect on these wonderful years of Embroider Buddy®. Below is a timeline to show our progress and highlights, with more to come as we continue to grow!

Embroider Buddy Timeline

Help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

We have expanded so much during that time and I am thrilled to see what our future holds. With so many new products being introduced over the years, which Embroider Buddy® were you most excited about?

How? Leave your answer in the comments on our Facebook page no later than 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 3.

What? I’ll be giving away Embroider Buddy® vouchers to three lucky people selected at random to be announced on Friday, November 4.