Donna's Favourite Embroider Buddy®

As any mother would know, one cannot pick a favourite when asked about her children. Each child is loved in their own special way, and for their very own reasons. I was recently asked who my “favourite” Embroider Buddy® was. Gosh, what a tricky question! They are all like my babies!

While I love all of my Buddies I must say that my very first buddy, Mister Buddy Bear, holds a certain special place in my heart. Without Mister Buddy Bear I wouldn’t have the company of all the many different Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals that I have today. But I guess you can say that essentially Mister Buddy Bear in brown “started it all”.

Buddy Bear

It’s easy to find comfort in something so classic, making Mister Buddy Bear the perfect companion. Did you know that the “Teddy Bear” originated in 1902? With our Mister Buddy Bear, you can make this classic your very own by embroidering a special message on his large belly.

The question of my “favourite” buddy allowed me to reflect on all the wonderful buddies who have been added to my collection. Let me tell you, a lot of them are quite “wild”.

Gerry The Giraffe

A customer favourite as giraffes are quite fascinating creatures. Did you know that giraffes don’t like to climb mountains? Apparently, they are afraid of heights…

Gerry Giraffe

Elford The Elephant

This is one “trunky” Elephant. His favorite songs include, Jungle Boogie, Uptown Funk and Play that Funky Music. Elford Elephant is definitely a customer favorite and loves to dance around!

Elford Elephant

Rory the Lion

Luckily this Embroider Buddy® doesn’t yet know how to “ROAR”, so she makes the perfect sleeping companion. Lions are also nocturnal animals, so she also makes a great nighttime protector!

Rory Lion

I know I may be biased, but I think each Embroider Buddy® is absolutely lovely in his or her own way and are so easily customizable to really make them your own! Who is your favourite from our collection?