Holiday Colour Combinations

Certain colours are often associated with particular holidays. For example, when pairing black and orange images of ghosts and goblins pop up my head, red and pink always reminds me of chocolate, I mean Valentine’s Day ;-), and green and gold makes me feel like I’ve got the luck of the Irish.

One of the most distinct of all color combinations is of course the red and green of the Christmas holiday season. Right after American Thanksgiving these colours surround us everywhere we go and right up until New Years we can’t escape them! So I decided on this Tip Tuesday I am going to help shake up this tradition by bringing you some unexpected holiday color combinations.


To really make a statement this holiday season you can add a pink pop to anything and everything. This color looks great as an accent on a deep evergreen tree or, if you really want to wow the crowd try a subtle green accent on a hot pink tree! The colour pink is representative of nurturing, love and hope…” hope” that the harsh winter weather will be over soon!

Pink Christmas Tree from SliceofSouthernPie.comSource:

Gold and White

This is a great combination for those who want to break away from the standard green and red, while still having a subtle and traditional feel for the holiday. The colour gold is often representative of sun and light, and full of sparkle. During the dark days of the winter season it offers a glimpse of the sunny days ahead! Paired with a bright white your Christmas is guaranteed to be a cheerful one!

Gold and White Christmas from

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Baby Blue and Lime Green

It will be a blue, blue Christmas without this blue and lime green color combination. The colour blue is said to have a calming effect, which during the crazy holiday season would be quite beneficial. A lime green accent will modernize the classic deeper green colours of Christmas and add some uniqueness. Not ready for a total tree makeover? Then start slow with our easy as 1-2-3 blue embroidery pillow. A simple “Happy Holidays” or a “Merry Christmas” will do.

Blue and Green Christmas Tree from


Want to know a trick of the trade? You can make any color holiday themed if you use the right decorating ornament. Why not a rainbow of colors from our Chic stockings collection? We have so many to choose from including a soft pink, ice blue, aquamarine, lilac purple and many others! How great would that look hung along the toasty fireplace!

Pink Stockings

Baby Blue Stocking

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