Fun with Forest Friends

The best time to take a walk through the forest is during the Fall season. The leaves paint the overhead yellow, orange and red and the morning dew softens the winded trails. I love pulling out my rubber boots and a light vest to protect me from the fresh crisp autumn air.

Woodland walks hold a bit of surprise as you never know which friendly, or grumpy, forest friend will “join” you on your hike. Here are a few of my most memorable encounters over the years:

Frederick Fox Buddy

While on an early morning stroll, just as I was taking a sip of my coffee, I spotted from the corner of my eye 3 adorable little orange foxes. They were playfully chasing tails and gnawing at each other’s ears. It reminded me so much of our Frederick Fox Buddy with his luxurious coat, fuzzy snout, perky ears, piercing green eyes and bushy tail. So cute!

Billy Black Bear Buddy

One of my most exciting, but honestly a little frightening, encounters was with a black bear. As I was just taking a rest on a tree stump soaking up the light rays that were able to get past the thinning trees, I heard quite the growl…and it wasn’t my stomach talking. Looking similar to our Billy Black Bear Buddy a real life black bear was barreling right towards me! But, unlike Billy Black Bear, whose face is kind and shimmering black fur is so soft, this black bear was not looking for a cuddle! Luckily, he diverted his path and eventually ran the other away.

Forest Friends Bears

Okie Owl Buddy

Have you ever been alone and you feel like you were being watched…? Even deep in a forest, with only the sound of the leaves rustling and not a soul in sight?! Well if so look up in the trees because there may be two wide curious eyes looking down at you. “Hoo, hoo” could it be… Probably Okie Owl Buddy or one of his feathery friends. I always feel like I’ve got an extra set of eyes on me wherever I go!

Forest Friends Owls

Fall is the best time to get out and explore nature. It’s not unbearably cold and the lack of snow makes it a lot more walkable. Plus, you may encounter some furry forest friends on your journey—the perfect inspiration for one forest buddies.

Have you ever encountered a forest friend in the wild?