Whimsy and Violette

The unicorn is a mythical creature with a signature spiralling horn and a majestic strong body. Whether they are real or not is still up for debate, but here at Embroider Buddy® we love to celebrate the joy these magical creatures bring to everyone! We have two adorable unicorns in our collection: Whimsy Unicorn and Violette Unicorn.

A lot of people believe that unicorns do, or did exist! The ancient Greeks wrote about them as part of their natural history rather than mythology, so perhaps they did! After some further investigation I was able to find some other interesting facts about these “mythical” creatures. You can decide for yourself if they are real or not.

  1. In the 1500s, unicorns’ horns were sold for 10 times their weight in gold!
  2. Unicorns have either sky blue or purple eyes
  3. If you touch a unicorn, you will find happiness forever
  4. Unicorns hold the power to divine truth, they are the purest of creatures
  5. These magical creatures can never be tamed

Here at Embroider Buddy® we believe in magic and we say our two Unicorns have a certain sparkle in their eye:


Violette Unicorn Buddy is a soft violet colour with a cream white belly and spiraling horn. Her purple mane and tail are always perfectly groomed. She loves to be outside and to be cuddled close at night!


Whimsy Unicorn Buddy has a candy floss pink and cream coat, sparkly blue glass eyes, satin paws, spiraling pointed horn and gorgeous silky soft mane and tail. Whimsy loves tea parties and snacking on lollypops and gumdrops!

Do you know someone who needs a little luck in their life? What about a little girl who loves fairytale stories? Our unicorns are the perfect gift to Embroider for someone you want to share a little extra joy with.