Mason Moose

Have you seen this Embroider Buddy®?!

Mason Buddy Moose

Our Mason Buddy Moose is on the loose and we are wondering if you have seen him anywhere.


Mason is a can’t miss adorable little cream coloured fella. This moose is 16” of lush fabric coat with big magnificent antlers. He is sweetly tempered with a kind smile and a huggable body.

Things to Know:

Mason Buddy Moose has self-contained stuffing pods for his head and belly that are removable through his hidden bottom zipper. What does this mean? Well, this makes it easy for a special message to be embroidered on his belly. He may look different then in his photo as Mason might now be personalized!

Mason Moose


He was last seen roaming around with his friend Mikey Moose Buddy and his older brother Jumbo Mason Buddy Moose in Muskoka, Ontario. Mikey is an equally as adorable…and mischievous…brown 16” Moose and Jumbo Mason is the spitting image of Mason just a bit bigger at 22”! There is no telling what these three have gotten up to…

Mason Buddy MooseIf you find this buddy (or any of his moose friends) be sure to catch him, hug him and never let him go!