Tip Tuesday Baby Shower

Babies are an absolute gift to the world. Their innocent sweet faces are mesmerizing and they bring such happiness to everyone around them! Here at Embroider Buddy® we want you to be able to create a gift that will bring just as much joy to the baby as they do to your life. That is why this Tip Tuesday we came up with some gender neutral baby shower gift ideas to be embroidered with love.

Nowadays people can hardly wait to find out the gender of their baby! It makes decorating, and gift giving a lot easier before the baby’s arrival. But, if the baby’s gender is to be kept a big surprise, we have got you covered with these suggestions that are gender neutral.

The Blankey

“Mary had a little lamb”….

This nursery rhyme is a favourite of mine and is perfect for rocking a baby to sleep. Our Blankey Buddy Lambton Lamb is the perfect sidekick for a child to cuddle at night. He is also 20”, which allows for generous embroidery space…and makes this little lamb easy to take to grandma and grandpa’s or child care.

Blankey Buddy Lambton Lamb

The Anything-but-prickly Hedgehog

Hedley Hedgehog is soft and snuggly, ready for a boy or girl. Simply add a design after the big gender reveal! We love this choo-choo train—it would be a delight for a future conductor! Gift Hedley with a special book, like Wide Awake Hedgehog, to make the nighttime routine more enjoyable.

Hedley Hedgehog Hedley Hedgehog Hedley Hedgehog

Heads Up, It’s a Giraffe!

Children are in awe of giraffes. Their huge neck, long legs and horns—what’s not to love? We love the pink embroidery on Gerry Giraffe’s belly. Wrap up our Embroider Buddy® giraffe with teething giraffe, Sophie, and you’ve just made a staple gift more unique.

Gerry Giraffe Embroidered

You know what would also look great on Gerry? A cute tutu and bow set.

Whether it’s a boy or a girl…or better yet a surprise, I hope this Tuesday gave you some helpful baby shower gift ideas.

Tip Tuesday Embroidered Buddies