Piggie Pal

Today we are giving much needed recognition to one of our most loveable Embroider Buddy® friends, Sweetie Piggy Pal. She is 16″ of pretty pink low-pile plush fabric, stuffed with love and ready to have a special message embroidered on her round belly.

Front and back of Piggie Pal

High profile pigs like Wilbur from Charlottes Web, Ms. Piggy and Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, paved the way for people to see pigs in a softer and more adorable light. Today, pig’s have a huge social media presence, even with Instagram and Facebook accounts solely dedicated to their curly tails and adorable snouts. Pigs have even started to become house pets! Oink, oink!

Piggy Pal with Embroidery

Check out these Instafamous piglets Priscilla and Poppleton’s and all of their Instagram adventures. These pigs are always dressed for the occasion and coordinated to perfection.

Feeling inspired? With Whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear you too can dress your Sweetie Piggy Pal fabulously, guaranteeing them a spot on the best dressed list.

Or why not give your Sweetie Piggy Pal a friend like Parker Pug Buddy? Read this story of the unlikely friendship between an abandoned piglet and puppy. How cute is that!?

With all of this piggy hype do you think piglets have become the new “man’s best friend”?