Halloween Movie Credits

Lights, camera, action! Halloween is the one night of the year where anyone and everyone becomes a star character in their own life. Costumes, make-up, fun accents—the more theatrical the better! We love dressing up our Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals in fun costumes. So today they are here to help you get ready for your big Hollywood…I mean Halloween…close up. Roll the credits!

Zachary Zebra Buddy starring as “The Superhero”

2016 was the year of the superhero with the release of the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman. The world was divided…team Batman or team Superman?! With all of this buzz going on, the superhero disguise is a perfect Halloween costume! This blue eye mask and a ruby red cape are sure to rank you up, up and away higher than anyone else’s costumes.

Zebra in cape

Oberon Owl Buddy starring as “The Chef”

The higher the chefs hat the higher the skill! A chef hat and scarf are a staple in any high-end kitchen. Thanks to the numerous Instagram “foodies,” more than ever chefs are being credited for their hard work. Even if you are more of a Mac and Cheese chef than a Mushroom Risotto foodie, Halloween is simply all about the appearance. So make sure your cap is pleated, your chef scarf is tied tight and you practice your best French “bon appetite”!

Owl as Chef

Bella Buddy Bunny starring as “The Ballerina”

Requiring extreme patience, hard work and a lot of natural ability ballet is one of the toughest sports out there. But did picture yourself dancing in Swan Lake when you were a kid? Well, Halloween is the perfect time to go and rekindle that dream, even if only for a night. Ballerina essentials? A pink tutu, a pretty pink bow and off leaping and twirling you go!

Bunny in tutu

Pauley Puppy Dog & Mister Buddy Bear starring as “The Doctor’s”

This Halloween shed the suit and tie and throw on some scrubs because who wouldn’t want to feel like “McDreamy”?! You watch enough television shows about the life of a doctor but Halloween is the perfect time to live it without the stress of having to perform open-heart surgery. Do you prefer the green or blue scrub cap and surgical mask on your Embroider Buddy®?

Pauley and Buddy in Scrubs

These buddies are sure to get you ready for your close up! Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year. You shed your identity and allow your imagination to run wild. And if all else fails and you’re stuck on October 30th looking for some last minute ideas here is an easy homemade unicorn costume, just like our Whimsy Unicorn Buddy!

Whimsy Unicorn Buddy