Kerry Kangaroo

When people think of Australia they often picture the outback, crocodile Dundee, vegemite and of course our personal favorite… the kangaroo! This marsupial animal is made famous world wide by it’s unique way of getting around and the fact that they have their own built in baby carriers.

While we can’t ship an actual kangaroo to your door, we do have the next best thing… a cuddly, soft and loving embroider ready kangaroo buddy!

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Kerry Kangaroo Buddy is a 16” Embroider Buddy® filled with love and just waiting to be customized! Her big white belly gives you a large space allowing you tons of room to embroider a special message. Riding along with her is an adorable little joey who comfortably sits on her mom’s soft pouch. Joey is conveniently able to be removed from the pouch while you are embroidering and is easily popped right back in!

Embroidering Kerry Kangeroo

Embroider Buddy® – Kerry Kangaroo Buddy

Did you know?

Joeys only stay in their mother’s pouch for approximately 9 months. Kind of like the way humans’ names transition from “child” into an “adult”, once a kangaroo has left the pouch they are referred to as either a buck, boomer or jack if it’s a male or if it’s a female a doe, flyer or Jill.

Hmmm… wonder where those names come from.

Have you seen a whole group of kangaroos out in the wild? You better watch your step because that’s referred to as a mob. A group of our Embroider Buddy® kangaroos will definitely be a much softer crowd.

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Writing about these kangaroos reminds me of my visit to Australia, when I was first able to introduce Kerry and her Joey to the world. What an amazing country where I made so many fond memories. Now I am looking forward to getting back! But for now…

I bid you all a “G’day mate”!

Have you tried embroidering Kerry Kangaroo Buddy yet? What did you think?