Embroider Buddy® Express

For many, September is the unofficial start of the year. School is back in session and kids’ extracurricular activities begin. With the looming thought of the approaching holidays it’s easy to forget to breathe! Needless to say it can be the most stressful of times.

Embroider Buddy® is sending out a friendly PSA: Start enjoying life’s journey, and not just the destination. Our suggestion? A train ride is a perfect way to really “stop and smell the roses” when you are off on your next trip.

Train Embroider Buddy

We have our Buster Bulldog here, decked out in his Whatzupwiththat® Bearwear conductor’s uniform to guide us through the best way to travel…with his adorable striped cap and his ruby red scarf he certainly looks the part. All ABOARD as we explore these exciting and scenic train rides.

  1. Rocky Mountain Route

From Vancouver to Calgary this train ride will bring you through some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery. You will travel through winding rivers and canyons, experiencing snowcapped Canadian Rockies, and British Columbia’s internal dessert environment. Suggested packing: A warm coat, a good book, and of course your Embroider Buddy® to snuggle at night!

  1. Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent wonders of the world. The exquisite red colouring and the deep canyons surrounded by the hot desert is absolutely spectacular. You will be so caught up in the scenery that the day will fly (or chugga chugga) on by. Here are 5 fun facts about this train adventure!

  1. Centerville Island Train

Okay, so this may not be that adventurous, but for the young train enthusiast who has not yet developed the patience or appreciation for a longer train excursion, this is the perfect option! The ferry from Toronto to Centerville Island is less than 20 minutes and will consist of a full day of fun for your young one!

So sit back, relax and take the scenic route for once! And remember to bring your favourite Embroider Buddy® along for the ride! Choo choo!