Embroider Buddy Teddy Bears

National Teddy Bear Day is September 9—it’s the perfect time to celebrate one of the most trustworthy and loyal Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals of all, our teddy bears: Mister Buddy Bear, Billy Black Bear Buddy, Blankey Buddy Bear, and Benjamin Buddy Bear.

A teddy bear can be special for everyone, no matter the age. This cuddly friend is the gift that keeps on giving as the teddy bear is a timeless companion that can be loved and cherished forever.

Here are some of our favourite ways to give the gift of this forever friend:

Billy Black Bear Buddy with Embroidery

  1. Birth of a New Baby – There are not many things someone can say they have had since birth, but Billy Black Bear Buddy is the exception. Sure to become a best friend for life, Billy can fit a newborn’s name, weight, date of birth and time all on his big belly!Bear in Cap and Gown
  2. Graduating High School – Graduation is a huge step into the real world. This new independence can be a bit overwhelming. When a recent graduate needs some comfort, without having to call mom and dad, a plush teddy bear will be there for the hug and cuddle when they need it! Dress up this Buddy with our whatzupwiththat!® Bearwear cap and gown!
    Wedding Buddy Bears
  3. Wedding Day – A wedding day is filled with love and companionship, and the Mister Buddy Bear in white is the perfect representation of just that! For a bride, a wedding day is whirlwind of memories—too many to remember! For a groom, sometimes even remembering the anniversary can be a stretch. An Embroider Buddy® embroidered with the date and decked out in a Whatszupwiththat!® veil and bowtie is the perfect memento for such a special occasion!

As you can see, you are never too young or too old for a teddy bear. This week is the perfect time to reflect on just how much your teddy has been there for you!