HipHop Froggy

When I was a young girl I loved the story of The Frog Prince by Brothers Grimm. My friends and I were sure that if we were to kiss enough frogs, eventually one would turn out to be the future king of a land far far away! As I grew older I realized this wasn’t realistic. There are over 5,000 species of frogs and millions, if not billions, on this planet!

HipHop Froggy

I guess the chance of kissing the right frog is pretty slim, so here’s the next best thing. If you’re in need of a ‘frog prince’, Embroider Buddy® has the perfect little froggy to cuddle.

HipHop Froggy Buddy is the friendliest of frogs. He won’t even hop away when you try to hold him! Unlike real frogs, who shed their skin weekly, HipHop is 16” of plush soft fur (slime coating not included). So huggable that you will forget about that frog prince!

HipHop Froggy Buddy

This buddy is the perfect customizable gift. Do you know someone’s birthday coming up?! Why not embroider a “Hoppy” birthday wish on HipHop's belly?

Let me leave you with a few fun facts about why these wide eye amphibians are so cool…

  1. A group of frogs is called an army (it’s no wonder so many are green!)
  2. Frogs never close their eyes, not even when they sleep. How’s that for stealth?
  3. Owls are a natural predator of frogs (but not our Oberon Owl)

HipHop is in stock at Embroider Buddy® and we are taking orders now. Share your HipHop creations with us on our Facebook Customer Gallery page.