National Dog Day

Today is a very exciting day for animal lovers and for our favorite furry friends. August 26th is National Dog Day and here at Embroider Buddy® we are so excited to show our appreciation for man’s best friend. We love dogs and have gathered our huggable troop of Parker Pug Buddy, Pauley Puppy Dog Buddy, Buster Buddy Bulldog, and Dalton Buddy Dog to help with some celebration suggestions!

Parker Pug and Pauley Puppy Dog

Buster Bull Dog and Dalton Buddy Dog

  1. Puppy portrait – Let your dog strike a pose and be the center of attention
    Puppy Collage
  2. New collar and leash – Glam up your dog’s life and make them feel fabulous with a new set of fashionable accessories!
    Dog with Leash and Collar
  3. Go to the Dog Park – Have your dog to mix, mingle and run around with all of their other furry friends!Dogs Playing
  4. “Bark” or Bake-a-thon – Get some help from your Embroider Buddy® friends to whip up some delicious doggy treats. Make sure you have your chefs gear prepped and ready to go!
    Parker Pug in Chef Hat

You can also easily embroider a special message on the big bellies of these Embroider Buddy® puppies. As a gift for a dog lover, why not embroider:

“Be the person your dog thinks you are”
“Happiness is a warm puppy”
“You can trust a dog to guard your house, but you can’t trust him to guard your sandwich”

Buster Bulldog with Embroidery

The dog days of summer may be over, but the day of the dogs is today so show your favorite furry friend how much you love him!

*All images used other than those from Embroider Buddy® were taken from a third party website Pixabay. These images are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.