Celebrating Elephants

Today is World Elephant Day, a day to celebrate one of the most loved, respected and magnificent creatures in the world. Many refer to elephants as ‘gentle giants’ because they have been shown to possess empathy, self-awareness and intelligence. Their kindness and strength is endearing, particularly to children, thanks to the centre stage elephants have taken in classic stories, such as Dumbo, Babar and The Jungle Book.

We’ve always admired the beauty of elephants here at Embroider Buddy®. Our herd includes the pink Ellie Elephant Buddy, blue Elliott Elephant Buddy, and grey Elford Elephant Buddy.

Embroider Buddy Elephants

To celebrate World Elephant Day, why not snuggle up with a movie or story inspired by these gentle giants? If you happen to have an Embroider Buddy® stuffed elephant at home, get him or her in on the snuggle time.

More embroidery options on our Elephant Buddies

The creative embroidery designs on our elephant buddies are even more endless thanks to their large embroiderable ears. We’ve seen many wonderful and inspiring designs where both the low-pile plush belly and ears have been customized. Here are few from our Facebook gallery.

Elephants Buddies Emboidered

Let me leave you with this fun elephant fact:  Elephants are good listeners, but not because of their huge ears. Elephants can use their feet to listen, picking up rumblings and vibrations in the ground. Now that is a skill worth celebrating!