Rory Lion Embroider Buddy

At Embroider Buddy®, we are never ones to shy away from your feedback. So when we started hearing that our beloved Rory Lion Buddy could use a flatter pile belly, we listened! Coming this fall, get ready to roar because the new, improved Rory will be in stock and ready to ship.

Rory the Lion

As you can see, Rory is still as loveable as ever, with his gorgeous mane and sweet smile, but we’ve made his belly a different shade of tan and the pile is flatter. He’s always been a customer favourite and we are excited to see how you bring your creativity to life on this king of the jungle.

Add Some Charm to Rory

Stuck on the perfect embroidery design to complement Rory? Look no further than Embroider Buddy® Charms from our friends at Embroidery Soup™. You’ll love the simplicity of a ready-made embroidery design, and the charms are free with purchase of an Embroider Buddy®. If you haven’t heard about the charms yet, you can read more about them here.

Here’s a peek at the Rory charms and a few designs our customers have shown off in our Facebook Gallery.

Rory the Lion Charms

Are you ready to roar for the new, flatter pile belly Rory?