Embroider Buddy® superhero buddies.

What’s better than a personalized Embroider Buddy® plush toy? A superhero buddy!

Embroider Buddy® Superbuddies

The love for superheroes spans young and old, and it’s a timeless way to add more personality to your ‘best friend for life’. The cape and mask is available as part of our WhatzUpWithThat® Bearwear collection and fits all of our Embroider Buddy® plush toys. There are two colour combinations to choose from: a red cape and blue mask or a pink cape and pink mask. We also love that the cape and mask can be embroidered to add even more flair to your project.

Super Buddy Capes and Masks

Everyone Loves a Superhero Buddy

Adding a touch of ‘super’ to your next creation is an adorable way to make an Embroider Buddy® even more original and personalized. Who would love a super Buddy?

We have a few ideas:

  • The obvious choice – a little boy! This is a perfect newborn gift or gift for a special boy at almost any age. Show him just how super he is!
  • Wonder Woman is proof that little girls love superheroes, too. Give her a ‘wonder’ful Buddy for a gift.
  • For the child that did ‘super’ at school, this would make for a rewarding end of the school year gift.
  • Tell a teacher how ‘super’ they are with a personalized buddy with an embroidered belly, mask and cape.
  • Moms and Dads are superheroes to their children. This would make for a memorable gift for a child to give a parent on their birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

There’s so many options to make your Embroider Buddy® super special. What do you think of super Buddy?