Frederick the Fox

“What the lion cannot manage to do, the fox can.” ~Proverb

Did you know that foxes are a symbol of cunning and trickery? In folklore they’ve often been said to have magic powers, with the ability to outwit or outsmart other animals. Well, we’d like to think our newest addition to the Clara Classic Collection, Frederick Fox isn’t out to trick you—he’s just too ‘foxy’ and beautiful to be cunning.
Frederick Fox - Clara Classic Collection

Seriously, just look at his fuzzy snout, perky ears and bushy tail. Does this guy look like he’s up to no good? Sure, we will admit there is some slyness in his piercing green eyes, but that’s all part of his charm. We know you’ll love his large embroiderable belly, making your next design easy as 1-2-3.

Federick Fox Eyes and Tail

Frederick is available for order now, with arrival in the fall. As with most of our Clara Classic Collection products, he’ll be available in 16” and 22” sizes. Contact us to place your order.

Let us leave with you a short poem about a fox from The Wild and Woolly Animal Book:

The fox is smart and sly as can be
A great big bushy tail has he.
He can run very fast,
His fur is red,
And he lives in the woods
In a tree trunk bed.