Tip Tuesday Embroidery Room

Whether you embroider for pure enjoyment, or because it’s your business (or our personal favourite—a combination of both!), an inspiring embroidery room that functions well can make all the difference. For this Tip Tuesday, we’re sharing five essentials for the ultimate embroidery room.

Comfortable Desk and Chair

This is where you will spend the most time in your embroidery room. Find a chair that’s comfortable with good back support and preferably on wheels so you can move around the room more easily. Make sure the height is correct for your desk so you aren’t slumping too much or reaching at odd angles. Your desk should be large enough to accommodate your embroidery essentials, like a machine, needles, thread and scissors.

Tons of Storage

Think of all the items you want to store in your embroidery room: small tools, scissors, embroidery floss, thread, needles, pressing aids, measuring tape, glue guns, pencils…the list goes on! Now determine the type of storage you want: peg boards like the one below from Ginger Snap Crafts are very versatile, or open shelves are excellent for easy access and you can proudly display your finished creations. What’s better than seeing all your adorable Embroider Buddy® smiling faces staring back at you? You may also like storage on wheels to make accessibility anywhere in the room simple. Closed storage is the place to hide the mess that you don’t want people to see, or the items you don’t access as often.

Giant Peg Board from GingerSnapCrafts.com

Good Cutting Surface

It’s never fun trying to cut fabric on a small or cluttered cutting surface. Make room for a cutting table that is kept clear at all times. The size will depend on the space you have and the typical size of fabric you’re cutting. For example, if you’re cutting fabric to embroider clothing, you will need a larger space. If you’re working on an Embroidery Buddy® project, you won’t need space for cutting at all – just head straight to your embroidery machine!

Task Lighting

Natural light is always preferred in an embroidery room, but it’s not always possible. Plus, if you’re working late at night, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. Add lighting to the task areas around your room. For example, your embroidery machine should have its own light source to illuminate your work area appropriately. If you have an area for ironing (which is ideal for getting fabrics in crisp, workable shape), install ceiling lighting that does not cast a shadow. Light your storage shelves as well to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Pleasant Decor

Now that you got the layout and important features figured out, it’s time for the fun stuff: picking a décor colour scheme! When choosing a decor scheme for your ultimate embroidery room, look to your past embroidery pieces for inspirations. Are there colours you are drawn to and often use in your projects? These might be exactly the inspiration you need. Or you may have a favourite piece of art at home, which can spark décor ideas. Remember: pastels tend to invoke calm, while bright primary colors tend to invigorate. Choose colors that suit the mood you want to feel in that room. We love the combination of pastals and vibrant colours in the room below from Craft-O-Maniac.

Craft-O-Maniac Full Craft Room Reveal
Tell us: what’s in your ultimate embroidery room?