Show Your Patriotism With Embroidery

One of the best parts of the summer season is the celebration of two great nations: Canada Day on July 1 and the USA’s Independence Day on July 4. In both countries this holiday is a sure sign that summer is in full swing. The long weekend is devoted friends and family gatherings, BBQs, and of course the grand finale: a magnificent firework display.

Are you mesmerized by the burst of colours flashing amongst the dark night sky? For this Tip Tuesday, we are sharing some ideas to use the beauty of fireworks and your national flag to inspire your next embroidery design.

Take a look at these beautiful embroidery patterns featuring fireworks as the main attraction.

Fireworks and Freedom Embroidery
Shelby’s Boutique

embroidered fireworks on hoop

For those celebrating July 4th, why not channel your inner Betsy Ross, the woman who (believe it or not) has been credited with sewing the first American Flag in 1776, and show off your patriotism with an Embroider Buddy® pillow featuring the flag? It would be a lovely hostess gift if you’re invited to a 4th of July party.

Stars and Stripes
So Cute Appliques

American Flag Embroidery Design
E&O Applique Designs

American Flag Style Star
4×4 Embroidery Design

For those celebrating Canada Day, what’s more Canadian than a moose and hockey? Mikey Moose is a 16” embroidable stuffed animal just looking for nice ‘stitch’ of patriotic approval. This would make a beautiful gift for a child born on July 1 or for any proud Canadian.

Embroider Buddy® – Mikey Moose Buddy
Canada Hockey Logo

Made in Canada
Hoop Mama Embroidery

How do you celebrate your national holiday? Show us your patriotic embroidery pride in the comments below or on Facebook Customer Gallery.