Pink or Blue Elford Elephant

Elford Elephant has been part of the Embroider Buddy® product line for quite some time now, and he’s one of our most loved plush toys. He’s commonly gifted to a new baby because of the universal joy he brings to both girls and boys. I think it also has to do with the elephant symbolism of strength and honour. What better way to start off a baby’s life than with this type of symbolic message? And of course, the little ones love to play with Elford’s trunk and big floppy years.

Recently we announced that Elford was back in stock and ready for order in grey and turquoise. We’re excited to announce the new gorgeous baby pink Ellie Elephant and baby blue Elliott Elephant. Based on your feedback, we’ve made some great changes: oversized stiffer ears, raised up trunk to allow designs to be easier to see and a newer flatter pile belly to make your embroidery designs look better than ever. If you are looking for that perfect baby gift for a new boy or girl, you now have many colours to choose from. Go gender specific or gender neutral. The choice is yours!

For design inspiration, look no further than our Facebook Customer Gallery, or take advantage of the free Embroider Buddy® charms for Elford, Ellie, Elliott and their pals, available through our friends at Embroidery Soup. Here are a few ideas for baby gifts featuring Elford in grey and turquoise. Any of these designs would also work beautifully on the pink or blue – just adjust your thread colours accordingly.

Elford Elephant embroidered in grey and turquoise


Do you like giving gender specific baby gifts?