Tip Tuesday: Five Must Have Tools for Embroiderers Image

Even though I’ve been working with the embroidery business for years, I’m constantly hunting for tools to share that you can add to your repertoire. I’m fortunate to meet and speak with so many talented embroiderers and through these inspiring people, I hear about the must have embroidery tools.

For this Tip Tuesday, I wanted to share these tools with you in hopes that they may make your next Embroider Buddy® (or any other embroidery project) more enjoyable.

  1. Needles

This seems oh so obvious, but different needles do different things. Plus, if you are doing a hand embroidery project, you will need a different needle than if you were using a machine. Brewer Sewing offers a huge selection of needles and an explanation of what each needle is best used for. At the very least, you’ll need a crewel needle.

  1. Embroidery Machine

Even if hand embroidery is more your thing, it’s impossible to ignore the technology and convenience of an embroidery machine. I am amazed at some of the features now offered. Baby Lock just recently released their new Destiny machine. I think it does everything, but cook your dinner! It has a touchscreen, video playback, a needlecam, a colour visualizer and so much more. Our Embroider Buddy® products work wonderfully on machines due to their removable pouches—making your next project easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Thread

There is so much to consider about thread when embroidering. It really is at the heart of your project. The thread weight, material (i.e. silk, cotton, rayon), colour and even light sensitivity all come into play. Craftsy does a fantastic job of explaining the best embroidery threads in this article. If you would like some colour inspiration, the DMC website is chock full of ideas.

  1. Scissors

For the embroidery newbies reading this, keep in mind that embroidery scissors are different from regular craft scissors. They have smaller and usually thinner blades. The point and blades are extremely sharp, which will help you get really close to the ground fabric, and cut threads cleanly and evenly. Price points vary and the selection is larger than you’d expect for scissors. Brewer Sewing is an excellent place to start your online search for embroidery scissors.

  1. Good lighting

This one is easy to take for granted, but it deserves a spot on this list. I know a lot of you are doing your embroidery creations late at night when your spouse and/or children are in bed. If your room (or your machine) doesn’t have appropriate lighting, it will be more difficult to see details and colours, plus you don’t want to strain your eyes. Better yet, check your local embroidery or needlework store for a light and magnifier combination. You’ll be glad you did in those wee hours of the night.

I know the list doesn’t end there and these tools may vary depending on if you are a hand embroiderer or machine embroiderer.

I’d love to hear about your must have tools. Share them in the comments below, or visit our Facebook page and comment there. Happy shopping!