Elford Elephant is back

Looking who’s thumping his way back into the Embroider Buddy® warehouse? That’s right, boxes of Elford Elephant are arriving in June.

A long-time favourite among our customers, this jungle friend is known for strength, honour and power—a true symbolic animal! Our Elford is 16 inches tall, with big elephant ears, an adorable trunk and comes in two colours: fun and vibrant turquoise or traditional grey. He features a soft low-pile material, with self-contained stuffing pods for the head and belly, which are removable through a hidden zipper on the bottom. This will make your hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine.

If you’re looking for inspiration, head over to our Customer Gallery and see what your fellow embroiderers around the world have created for Elford Elephant. Here are some examples to get your creativity flowing:

Elford Elephants with Embroidery

Remember to share your watermarked Elford Elephant designs in our Customer Gallery. We look forward to sharing them with the world! Do you have a favourite Elford Elephant design or any questions you’d like to ask? Let us know in the comments.