It's a Dog's Life

When I look at the collection of Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals, there is one animal that stands out—dogs! I’ve always been a dog lover so it’s no surprise that we now have three pooches in our collection.

Dogs are loved for their sense of loyalty, playfulness, cuteness and cuddles. They are more than just “man’s best friend.” They are everyone’s best friend—young and old. Embroider Buddy® dogs are a popular choice as a baby gift, but really they are the perfect gift for dog lovers of any age. We have also heard lovely stories of our Embroider Buddy® dogs being personalized and gifted in sympathy after someone loses their real life furry child. What a beautiful way to honour a late pet and bring comfort to the owner.

If you haven’t met our cuddly canines yet, let me introduce you.

Buster Buddy Bulldog: his floppy ears and furrowed brow make him pretty much irresistible! His flat pile belly in white makes your embroidery designs really stand out.

embroider buddy® – Buster Bulldog Buddy

Parker Pug Buddy: this curly tailed canine is the newest to join the Embroider Buddy® doghouse. His wrinkly face really stands out in black and tan.

Embroider Buddy® – Parker Pug Buddy

Pauley Puppy Dog Buddy: he’s a mixed breed with an adorable spot on his eye, sure to bring smiles with his cute face and perky ears. This guy is also available as a blankey.

Embroider Buddy® – Pauley Puppy Dog BuddyEmbroider Buddy® – Blankey Buddy Pauley Puppy

Now for some inspiration on how to customize these canines, here are some images from our Facebook customer gallery. From grad gifts, baby gifts and even teacher gifts, there’s no shortage of creative ideas.

Embroider Buddy Dogs

We’d love to see your dog-gone beautiful embroidery designs. Remember to post your watermarked creations on our Facebook customer gallery.