2016 Pantone Colours

Every year, Pantone Inc. announces a colour of the year. According to Wikipedia, this is a highly top-secret selection process that starts at least six months prior. The colour chosen reflects or represents something significant happening in the world, such as a mood or a moment. The result is an increase in use of the colour in everything from flowers, to fashion, to home décor.

For 2016, Pantone selected two colours that are meant to bring a soothing sense of order and peace: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Pantone Chips 2016

When I first saw these colours, it seemed like a throwback to the late 1980s and early 1990’s when pink and light blue were “all the rage”. I didn’t imagine resurrecting them into home décor, with the exception of a baby’s room. However, it seems I’ve been convinced otherwise thanks to some of the embroidery designs inspired by this year’s Pantone colours.

Take a look at some of these beautiful colour and design inspirations. Imagine how gorgeous they would be on an Embroider Buddy® pillow?

Urban Threads

Urban Threads

Tula Pink

Tula Pink

When I look at these designs, it’s clear to see that other colours and shades of pink and blue have been incorporated. This helps to soften the effect and tones down that 1980s feel. Particularly when a warm olive green, deep gold tone or darker complementary colour is added to the pattern, it really becomes a thing of beauty. Try these recommended colour combinations from Pantone.

Pantone Recommended Colours

And I know it’s only April, but these colours will still be going strong by the time the holidays roll around in December. Maybe it’s time to think ahead about how you’d incorporate one or both of these colours into your holidays? Ho, ho, ho!


Embroider Buddy Stockings


I promise I will stop with the Christmas talk! What do you think of the Pantone colours for 2016? Tell us how they are inspiring your embroidery projects.