Charming Designs from Embroidery Soup

It’s only been six months since we launched Embroider Buddy® Charms in partnership with Embroidery Soup™. The response from customers has been excellent. They love the simplicity of a ready-made embroidery design, and of course, they love that the charms are free with purchase of an Embroider Buddy®. If you haven’t heard about the charms yet, you can read more about them here.

Since launching the charms, we’ve introduced new Embroider Buddy® products, like Okie Owl and Parker Pug. Embroidery Soup™ has created new charms just for these adorable guys. Take a look at how cute these are, and remember that you can customize them with or without a name.

New Parker Pug and Okie Owl Charms

They’ve also added several new designs for our other buddies. Here’s just a few new ones that we love:

More new Embroidery Soup Designs

We love seeing how our customers are using the charms as part of their embroidery designs. Here’s some that have been posted to our Facebook gallery. As you can see, the charm can be a great starting point for your overall design vision.

Embroider Buddies

We’d love to see your “charming” Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals. Head on over to our Facebook Gallery and post a picture to share with the community.