Promoting Embroider Buddy through Facebook

As a wholesaler, I deal primarily with retailers and resellers who love the Embroider Buddy® collection and sell it to embroiderers who turn each Embroider Buddy® stuffed animal, pillow and stocking into a beautiful, personalized, custom creation. My direct contact with embroiderers is limited to tradeshows and of course, our Facebook page.

Some of our resellers, who also happen to be embroiderers themselves, use Facebook as a way to raise awareness and create excitement about Embroider Buddy® products. One of them is Kerry Henry, who started a private Embroider Buddy® Facebook group in the UK. Working very closely with Menno Kaper, our distributor in Europe, Kerry sells blanks to local embroiderers.

Kerry’s company, Cutessentials, also sells beautifully embroidered Embroider Buddy® products to customers. Last month, she hosted a contest on her Facebook page asking her customers to share what they think about their Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals along with a photo.

“Who would like to win one of these 20″ Embroider Buddy® Bears?

 To enter the competition all you need to do is tell us what you think of our Embroider Buddies along with a photo of the Embroider Buddy® you have purchased/been gifted.

Alternative brands will be deleted. Please check your label for branding. Only Buddy's embroidered by us must be entered.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 29th February.”

Customers had 10 days to reply with their stories and photos. The prize was a 20″ Embroider Buddy® Mister Buddy Bear. It was a great way to have many of her happy customers to celebrate and share pictures of themselves or their loved ones with Kerry’s prized creations. Kerry now has several wonderful testimonials she can use to help promote her business.

The contest winner was Karen Walton. Here’s what she had to say: “My granddaughter loves her buddy. She has quite a few now. We buy them because they are such a great size. Very good value for money and are so so cuddly she always has one with her. And they come created with such care and love. Xx”

Facebook Contest Winning Entry


Here’s what some of the other people who entered had to say about Embroider Buddy®:

“I love all my embroider buddies I have purchased, excellent quality and stunning embroidering, such beautiful keepsakes and the children love them xx” – Donna Marie Armstrong

“Rosie and Emma her sister was donated a giraffe and bunny we really appreciated it as Rosie was in hospital where she is again Rosie buddie was bigger than her and still is lol.I love the buddies and my girls sleep with them every night I don't have a pic on my phone but will get one when I go home from hospital.” – Pam Peat Kirkman

“I can't explain just how much I love Embroider Buddies, they are the perfect personalised keepsake for adults or children and each one holds a special memory. They are cute, cuddly and whilst there are similar items available none of them can compare to the size and quality of the embroider buddies xx” – Vicki Wheeler

“I love your buddies so much they bring smiles to my wee boys faces and the look of love and excitement in their eyes is unreal, they are great value for money and are the perfect keepsake xxx” – Sarah Rowland

Embroider Buddy Facebook Contest Entries

What are some of your tips for building ongoing relationships with your Embroider Buddy® customers and keeping them engaged? Please share them with us in the comments.