We’re excited to introduce some new options to the Embroider Buddy® Blankey lineup! Coming soon is the Blankey Buddy Bunny with an even larger print friendly polyester heart that allows for all print applications as well as traditional embroidery. Okie Owl Buddy received such a warm welcome when he arrived that he will be available this spring as an Okie Owl Blankey Buddy too.


An Embroider Buddy® Blankey is both a blanket and a stuffed animal. It’s ready to be personalized with your creative designs for an extra special gift for an extra special little one. They are great for warm snuggles in the car and naptime at home or daycare. The large surface space for embroidering gives you the opportunity to get really creative. Hint: Our Embroider Buddy® Charms are great for our Embroider Buddy® Blankeys too, as you can see in the Blankey Buddy Lambton Lamb below.


The Embroider Buddy® Blankey is perfect on it’s own or a great companion to the original Embroider Buddy®.


Who will your next Embroider Buddy® Blankey be personalized for? Snap a picture and let us know.