Since the very beginning of Embroider Buddy® I have consistently enjoyed a feeling of enthusiasm and inspiration from my dear friend Deborah Jones.

Deborah is a second-generation professional embroiderer and a celebrated expert in computerized embroidery. Her knowledge, expertise and passion for embroidery is unmatched. She shares frequently through writing for publications such as Stitches Magazine, she is a popular instructor on Craftsy and has shared some special tutorials with our Embroider Buddy® community. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor and she has created a hands-on learning experience for embroiderers called Club Ed that she takes on the road across North America.

We are thrilled that Deborah's Club Ed workshops include an Embroider Buddy® stuffed animal for each participant. This gave everyone the chance to master the techniques of how to embroider a buddy guided by Deborah. At the conclusion of the program, these are donated to local charities.

Deborah recently ran a Club Ed workshop in Florida and she shared these photos with us of some of her participants with their freshly embroidered Pauley Puppy Dog buddies with our Nap Buddy charms



“At Club Ed, completed Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals are donated to a charity that makes sure they go to a child that can really use a Nap Buddy. Thanks to all the ladies who participate at Club Ed events around the country and around the world – and to these ladies at Charlotte Sewing Center, Port Charlotte, Florida.” – Deborah Jones

Interested in attending or bringing Deborah Jones’ Club Ed to your community? Check out her website for information.

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