Mister Buddy Bear and Billy Buddy BearIt took a while for the cold weather to hit Ontario, but it came in with a vengeance shortly after Christmas. With temperatures hitting the -20C mark, it seems like a good time to hibernate in the house with a good book and hot chocolate – or start a new Embroider Buddy® project!

Just thinking of hibernation puts bears on my mind. Can you imagine falling into a deep sleep for the winter months? It might sound dreamy (pun, intended) to those of you who dislike winter! But did you know that when a bear hibernates, its body temperature drops and it won’t even wake up to go to the bathroom or eat? The only exception: a mother bear will wake up to give birth to her cubs in January or February.

I personally think bears are amazing animals. When I created the first Embroider Buddy®, a bear immediately popped into my mind, and so, Mister Buddy Bear was born. Despite being an intimidating animal in the real world, I knew a cuddly and plush bear could bring comfort and joy to people—little kids or big kids, alike!

Over the years I’ve seen many creative designs for Mister Buddy Bear. Here’s just a few.

There’s another bear in our ‘pack’, Billy Black Bear. He’s bear hug worthy with his glossy black coat and adorable black nose. I think there’s a lot of mystery in his dark eyes—just like a real bear. Here are a few creative designs I’ve seen for Billy.

So with winter here, how will you spend those cold, frigid days? Embroidering a new buddy, hibernating, or kissing it all goodbye for a southern getaway?