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Watermarking, adding your brand name and/or logo to your images, is a great way to ensure that your creation stays connected to your company or in other words your “brand”. We want all of your beautiful work to be tied to your own personal brand and prevent the possibility of any competitors using your images. Another advantage of watermarking is that it allows people who come across your images to then look you up and learn about your brand, which in turn helps create gain the attention of potential customers.

We love and encourage sharing of images and information through social media and other promotional channels to help promote your work with Embroider Buddy® products. We strongly encourage you to add a watermark of your company name and/or logo and/or website address (URL) to all of your photos, graphics and videos. With an eye both to promoting you and protecting you, we take special care in sharing only the images that you have shared with us when they have been watermarked.

Best Practices for watermarking:

  1. A common and simple way to watermark your material is to add an image of your brand name or logo to your images.

MadeByMaggie Lion2. Be consistent. Create a watermark that you can use for all of your images. When you use a watermark that is consistent with respect to colour, design and placement it will help to create the recognition and association of your brand.

MadeByMaggieCow23. Mind your placement. While you want to ensure that your watermark protects your image from being reused without your branding, you want to make sure that it doesn’t obstruct or distract from your image. Below is an example of a watermark that takes attention away from the Embroider Buddy® creation.

MadeByMaggie Diagonal Website Watermark4. What to include: It’s a good idea to provide your website address and/or other contact information. This helps to promote your work. Your potential customers should know how to find you!

MadeByMaggie LionFramed5. Watermarks can be easily added to your materials through graphic programs like Canva, Picmonkey, PicMarkr, iPhoto or Photoshop, and are used widely across many media formats. This article on Popsugar has some other great apps and watermarking resources.

6. If you’re taking photos on your iPhone, we recently discovered a great app called Wordswag that will add your watermark to your image that you can save to your photo library. Wordswag will also help you create beautiful images that you can share.

When creating in-store product displays, online content, and any other promotional materials, please keep all of the above in mind. This way, your displays will stay clear, consistent, and beautiful.

What other types of marketing how-tos would you like to see here?