Tip Tuesday Celebrating Siblings

One of the most loved ways that Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals are given as gifts is to honour the arrival of newborn babies. Our customer gallery on Facebook is filled with embroidered birth details that make them treasured keepsakes. We have featured tips for creating Embroider Buddy® Birth Announcements on our blog and today’s Tip Tuesday turns our focus to celebrating siblings. We love that so many Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals are being gifted to celebrate new big brothers and sisters.

BigBrotherandSister Collage

Even better when they go together

What is better than one Embroider Buddy®? Two Embroider Buddies! We love these pairs that were made to celebrate siblings together. These have been lovingly created as pairs to be gifted to families celebrating new arrivals, big and little siblings and twins.

SiblingGifts Collage

We always love to see the creative Embroider Buddy® gifts that are finding their forever homes. Thank you for sharing them with the special siblings out there. Have you made gifts for siblings? Show and tell us in the comments.