For the past two years, the Embroider Buddy® Facebook page has been a source of pride, joy and inspiration—it’s the place where my passion for Embroider Buddy® comes to life and is often where the personal and professional intersect for me.

As we near another milestone of 1,500 likes on our Facebook page, I realize how much it has connected me to the dynamic community of creative embroiderers that have embraced Embroider Buddy®. The beauty of Facebook is that it knows no borders—it’s almost as exciting as meeting customers in person in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia!

It’s also fair to say that through our Facebook page, we have connected many embroiderers to each other to share their most recent creations, ask questions and offer answers. Over the years I’ve become friends with many of you, we’ve celebrated life’s moments and encouraged each other with our words. While many of us are separated by great geographical distance and the busy lives we lead, we all check in on Facebook when we can and I love that we have a place to connect and some of us have to opportunity to meet in person at shows around the world.

The Customer Gallery

The Customer Gallery on our Embroider Buddy® Facebook page is an amazing place that has grown to include more than 800 images, all shared proudly by people like you. I never get tired of seeing the talent and creativity of our customers, who take a ‘blank’ canvas and make it magic. Please keep them coming! I’m always excited to see and share new photos of Embroider Buddy® products—each a unique and special gift thanks to the creative touches you add to them. I’ve been known to spend my quiet moments late at night or early in the morning browsing the Customer Gallery on Facebook and it always puts a smile on my face—and inspires me to keep going and create more.

EB FACEBOOK Customer Gallery v2


Feedback is an integral part of the Embroider Buddy® story. I grew up in the toy business that my Dad founded 73 years ago. It was in 2008 that I invented the first Embroider Buddy® bear. I created this market on my own, which meant I needed to lean on the embroider world for feedback. Over the years, the buddies have become even better, thanks to your feedback on Facebook and elsewhere. I want it all—positive or negative! We are paving the Embroider Buddy® road together!

Customer service

Whether on Facebook or in person or in stores, I care about each and every one of you, our customers and I enjoy helping in any way possible, whether someone needs a rush order or wants to know when a newly introduced buddy is arriving. Several times a week, I can be found ‘chatting’ with an embroiderer in Belgium, Mexico, Ireland or anywhere else in the world. Each time I get a thrill from ‘meeting’ new people and hearing about their buddies.

A big thank you

Thank you for sharing and being part of our Embroider Buddy® community. We truly appreciate all your feedback and comments; we are always here to support you. We are proud to be the original embroiderable stuffed animal and we are proud of our legacy. Join us in celebrating this milestone, and cheers to the next 800 photos and the next 1,500 likes!

Tell me, what do you love about Facebook and what do you like best about our community?