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My days most often begin and end in the same way – stealing a few quiet moments on my iPad. I’m always grateful to come across ideas, tips and stories shared by creative souls who inspire me. The Internet is filled with inspiration and I love that I am always encouraged to learn, grow and create with the click of a button. In this Tip Tuesday post, I’m sharing some of the recent posts that I’ve bookmarked.

The Scrap Shoppe Blog has got me all revved up and full of ideas on how I’m going to spend some quiet time over the holidays. Michele’s post about organizing and storing thread in really creative ways will inspire you to reinvent your creative space for the new year. I have this post bookmarked in my to-dos and I’m happy to share it with you.

craft storage

Crafty and creative people tend to have multiple ideas and projects on the go at the same time (and likely half a dozen ideas brewing in our heads). I’ve found that I keep myself organized as best I can by having bins of all kinds on hand to keep my projects in as they progress through the various stages. I found this great project on the Brewer blog that shares a simple pattern to make your own bins. I’m thinking that this would be a great gift for any crafter and you could even fill it with some new supplies.


I have friends who are at all stages of mastering embroidery – from those just getting started to those who I would consider master-class experts in the craft. The post above got me thinking about sharing some embroidery essentials for those who are new to embroidery and this post on the Totally Stitchin’ blog is a great resource of tools and supplies that we all need on hand.


This post from the Craftsy blog is a great read for beginning embroiderers and for those who’ve been honing their craft for years. For me, it served up a few important reminders that we all need to keep top of mind. Two tips that stand out for me are#2 Learn and #10 Enjoy. I hope that you’ll let me know which tip (or tips) speak to you right now.


Tell me, what have you found online recently that has inspired you? Let me know in the comments.