Pat Janowiak

Pat Janowiak is an Embroider Buddy® customer and machine embroiderer based in Arizona. Her company, Grans Workroom LLC was created to inspire customers to gain a greater sense of “creative accomplishment” through crafts, and appreciate the simpler things in life. Recently, I asked Pat about her Hugs for Kids program.

Donna: What inspired you to start Hugs for Kids?

Pat: As you may know, we have many wonderful friends. One of our adult friends was battling a serious illness. He tells the story about someone bringing him a teddy bear when he was in the hospital and how much it meant to him. To this day he carries a teddy with him wherever he goes.

Donna: What is Hugs for Kids?

Pat: We decided that everyone needs a smile, especially when in the hospital! My friend Jean and I have been donating stuffed animals that we embroider. We have linked up with Cardon Children's Medical Center and fill every request the nurses give us. The program is officially called Presents for Kids at Cardon Hospital.

Hugs For Kids Collage

Donna: How is the program funded?

Pat: We ask for donations to help us with this mission. When our dear friend Larry Ambroiser passed away in January 2013, his wife Jean said the family wished to donate his memorial fund to the kids. This has helped immensely! We’d also like to give big thanks to our Mountainbrook friends and our many other contributors!

Note: Embroider Buddy® is a proud donor of the Hugs for Kids program at Cardon Hospital.

Do you have a story about how you’re making a difference in other people’s lives? Please share it with us in the comments and you may be featured in an upcoming blog post.