There are many people around the world who love Embroider Buddy®. They buy one buddy or maybe they receive it as a gift, and they are suddenly bitten by the Embroider Buddy® bug! No one knows this more than Graham Wheeler, the biggest fan and most loyal customer that we’ve ever come across. Graham lives in the UK and is a customer of Kerry Henry at Cutessentials. I recently asked Graham about his passion for Embroider Buddy® and where it all began.

Graham Wheeler

Donna: How did you discover Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals?

Graham: I discovered Embroider Buddy® through my wife, who is an avid collector. We initially started buying them for our children's birthdays, but now no occasion is celebrated without a new Embroider Buddy®! We purchase them through Kerry Henry at Cutessentials. Kerry provides amazing, personal professional service. 

Donna: What is your favourite Embroider Buddy® stuffed animal, and why?

Graham: My favourite is Kory Koala. It’s special to me because it was a Father's Day gift from my three wonderful children.

Graham and Kory

Donna: What stuffed animal would you like to see added to the collection?  

Graham: I'd like to see a snow leopard purely because I think they are beautiful creatures.

Donna: What is one thing about you that would surprise most people?

Graham: I have always collected things—train numbers, rare records, DVDs and now these wonderful keepsakes. My wife, Vicki, has the largest collection of the household and it was her desire to find a truly unique, personal heirloom that has led us to start building our collection. Only this week my wife celebrated her 30th birthday and she received Hedley Hedgehog and the 20” Embroider Buddy® Bear from myself and the kids, as well as an Embroider Buddy® Home Pillow from her sister!

Graham & Vicki 2

Do you consider yourself an Embroider Buddy® fan? Tell us about your collection in the comments below. We’d love to hear your story!