tis the season

The warm days of summer were lovely and filled with family barbecues, wonderful trips, outdoor cafes, weekend bike rides, street festivals and joyful times with family and friends.

Now, here it is mid-October, where in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend. The fall colours were vibrant and the weather was unseasonably warm, especially in Ontario. It was a wonderful holiday and I wish that our American friends enjoy their Thanksgiving festivities just as much next month.

Among all the food and family time, it’s important to reflect and give thanks. I try to make gratitude part of my daily life and I’m blessed to have so much to be thankful for—in particular, my family and friends.

Looking back on this year, I am also sincerely thankful that through Embroider Buddy®, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many truly wonderful, talented and creative people. My travels this year have taken me around the world – Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. The people who I’ve met have taught me so much and have warmly welcomed me and my buddies. I am inspired daily by your passion.

This year I continue to count my blessings and know that I am among the lucky ones who get to go to work everyday and love what I do.

Do what you LOVE

This Thanksgiving was also bittersweet as I reflected and thought about my father. This November it will be one year since his passing. He started our family toy business in 1944. Almost 72 years later we are still growing strong. My Dad was proud when I invented the first Embroider Buddy® almost 8 years ago and I hope to continue to make him proud.

Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all!

What are you thankful for?