Pink and Blue

Girls Just Want to Have Fun. And maybe, they also want pink stockings!

Some girls of all ages are drawn to soft and feminine pink that is the perfect backdrop for holiday hues and pops of shiny metallic threads.


This beautiful and elegant holiday dancer on the Embroider Buddy® Chic stocking sparkles with silver threads on the pink satiny backdrop and the holly pops with bright red and green. A tree that sparkles in silver threading with pops of colour makes this Embroider Buddy® Traditional Stocking in pink fun and fresh for the girl whose name will later be embroidered on the cuff. This one doesn’t ho-ho-hold anything back.

The ice blue hue of our Embroider Buddy® stockings makes us think about cool and crisp winter days with the sun sparkling on fresh snow. While we often think that red, green and white are the traditional colours for Christmas décor, this cool blue is a favourite for adorning homes for the holiday season.


Blue is the perfect canvas for classic Christmas images, like this toy soldier with shiny threads that will catch the light from the bulbs on the tree and the flames as it hangs above the fireplace. The pops of colour in the red and green holly add to the traditional Christmas design of this beautiful Embroider Buddy® Chic Stocking. Our master embroiderers had some fun with this cute and cheeky message on our Embroider Buddy® Traditional Stocking in ice blue. Tip: the nice ones don’t need to point fingers at the naughty ones.

Stockings as Easy as 1-2-3

Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Pretty in Pink. Yes, please. Whether you’re looking for classic or fun, these pinks and blues are shades for the season that will be loved for what is on the inside and out.