Dreaming of a Classic Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Like freshly fallen snowflakes accumulating on the ground create a canvas that welcomes children to build snowmen or lay on their backs flapping their arms and legs to make snow angels, a fresh white stocking beckons an embroiderer.

No colour is out of bounds and the opportunities to create personalized stockings are endless when you start with a crisp white backdrop for your imagination.


Our Embroider Buddy® Chic Stocking in white is lovely in it’s linear elegance for a design or message on the body. The classic reindeer in red, with accents of green and gold will look lovely by a glowing fire throughout the holiday season. Our Embroider Buddy® Traditional Stocking in white with a white cuff offers a blank canvas for a whimsical design like this one. It also has the perfect placement for a name or the elegance of a single word like ‘joy’.

Our dove grey Embroider Buddy® stockings are much-loved for their versatility – they are suited for classic or modern décor themes and also are the perfect canvas for any colour when it comes to embellishments. Whether you dream of silver bells or the simplicity modern lines or bright designs, the possibilities are limitless.

Dove Grey Stockings

This is one of our favourite Embroider Buddy® Traditional stockings that our elves created for us this year. The elegant Christmas tree with classic Christmas colours and adornments is traditional in the most beautiful way. We picture this one hanging above a fireplace next to a tree with white lights, and ornaments that have been passed from one generation to the next. The elegant dove grey gets a fun and energetic touch with smiling snowmen and pops of colour. There is plenty of room for a child’s name or holiday message on the body of this Embroider Buddy® Chic Stocking.

Stockings as Easy as 1-2-3

The colours of the rainbow and beyond are yours for the taking whether with a crisp white or dove grey backdrop. So dream of a Classic Christmas with a splash of colour and then make your way to your embroidery machine and bring it to life.