Back to School Blankey Img

It seems that everywhere I go there are preparations underway for the biggest day of the year. No, I’m not talking about Christmas (although I have seen the decorations already on the shelves at some of the big box stores). I’m talking about the other all-important day – Back To School.

For the big kids, the day is the official end of summer camps, sleeping in and a refresh in routine of packed lunches, homework and, new clubs and teams to join. For the little one’s though, it’s a new milestone and a whole new experience of playtime, circle time and nap-time in a new environment. Daycare and pre-schools often invite their newest classmates to bring a blanket for their cot for their mid-day quiet time. With this in mind, Embroider Buddy® Blankey is the perfect way to celebrate your newest little student with a piece of home as they begin their new year.

The Embroider Buddy® Blankey covers two needs in one – the blankey and the buddy. They offer a huge canvas for your embroidered designs. With 10 animals to choose from, you can send your little one to school with something that is personalized and made just for them.

Embroider Buddy® Blankey

HINT: The Embroider Buddy® Blankey makes a great companion for the Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals.

For tips on how to embroider the Embroider Buddy® Blankey please check out this featured tutorial by Deborah Jones.

We can’t wait to see what you create to personalize these very special gifts for some very special new students.