Updating your home v2

Most interior designers will tell you that when you need a quick and easy update for your home, just add pillows. Whether it’s for a living room, den, bedroom or even your entryway, changing or introducing a pop of colour with a few throw pillows can give you a whole new look.

The Embroider Buddy® Home Collection Pillows offer the opportunity to fully realize the style you want to create. With four pillow colours to choose from for the base (Red, Oatmeal, Blue Topaz, Pink Lady), unleash your imagine to personalize your home.

Red Embroider Buddy PillowsI recently discovered Coolors.co and I have to admit, we are obsessed with it at Embroider Buddy® HQ. This site is a colour scheme generator and will help you to find the perfect palette for your new projects.

I used the “Oatmeal” Embroider Buddy® Pillow as my base for inspiration and these are just some of the palettes that were generated for me.


What a great way to get my creative juices flowing! I’ve bookmarked Coolors and have a feeling that it will be a great resource for all of us and our buddies.

What are your go-to sites and resources when it comes to colour palettes? Please share them with us.