We’re excited to launch our new Tip Tuesday series to share helpful advice, “how-to” inspiration and best practices for all of your Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals and Embroider Buddy® Home Collection products. We invite you to be an active participant in this with us by submitting your tips or questions to share with us and the Embroider Buddy® community.

Can we get a drumroll for our first Tip Tuesday?


This is Rory Lion Embroider Buddy® being embroidered with a Durkee hoop which gives a 110mm x 110mm embroidery area. Hedley Hedgehog Embroider Buddy® is being embroidered using a 7″ Durkee round hoop and the design is prepared in a circular shape giving at least 130mm in diameter.

Photo credit: Kerry Henry with permission.

Did you know that hoops were originally made of woodbone, or ivory?

Looking for more tips about using a hoop for embroidering? We have a post on our blog that explores the difference between using a hoop and not using one to embroider.

Deborah Jones is our go-to expert for all things embroidery and contributed her hooping tips on our blog.

What is your favourite hoop to use for your Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals? Have other tips to share or questions to ask for Tip Tuesday? Let us know in the comments.