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We’re excited to introduce you to our first Limited Edition Embroider Buddy® for our Christmas in July program, Sonny Snowman!

One of the best things about the holiday season are the memories that make us warm. Creating Sonny brought back so many special times with family and Donna shared this one of first snowfalls as a young girl:

One of my best childhood memories is making a snowman in the front yard for all to see. How exciting it was when the snowfall was packing snow (or as we called it “snowman snow”). I would roll that perfectly fresh snow to make a big, round belly and then rolled more to make his head. I would sneak one of Mom’s carrots from the vegetable bin and oversized buttons from her sewing kit that she kept under her bed. Then I searched the closets to finish off my snowman with whatever old hat I could find. My dad had so many hats in closets and drawers all over the house, I figured he would never miss one. I would then call my parents to the door to see my proud and grand creation in the middle of the yard.

These memories inspired Sonny Snowman with his long carrot nose, happy smile and of course he’s finished off with a traditional Top Hat. His flat white flat plush belly will make both simple and decorative festive designs look winter wonderful.

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Nothing says Christmas like a jolly snowman and Sonny is in the spirit of the season as a great new addition to the original Embroider Buddy® family – the world's first embroiderable stuffed animals.

Start making your list, and checking it twice, Sonny Snowman is part of our Limited Edition Collection and won’t last long. While you’re reviewing your list, check out our other Christmas in July products.

Does our Sonny Snowman Embroider Buddy® bring back special memories for you? We’d love to hear a story from your childhood.