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We are happy for you to meet Kerry Kangaroo Embroider Buddy® and her little Joey! It’s most exciting that Kerry is making her “debut” in Australia. Soon she will be available worldwide too!

We’re here at one of Deborah’s two-day workshops hosted by our very own Australian distributor; Echidna Sewing Products and as you can see, everyone is excited about the announcement of Kerry Kangaroo and her little Joey.

This ‘birth’ announcement is much more fun because it includes Kerry’s adorable baby Joey. He sits so comfy in his mom’s pouch.

Kerry Kangaroo and her baby are a great new addition to the Embroider Buddy® family.

Mom Kerry is good looking with her flexible ears and super tail. Her pouch holds cute little soft plush Joey that can easily be removed. Kerry’s pouch can be simply pulled down and stays out of the way for easy embroidery. Her belly is made of flat white pile making decorating easier than ever. When you’re finished, you can just pop Joey back in his mommy's pocket!

Kory Koala Embroider Buddy® can't wait to meet his Oz buddy Kerry Kangaroo.

How much do you love our newest Embroider Buddy®? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.