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Next week Deborah Jones and I will be heading out on a new adventure together when we travel to Australia! In February, I mentioned that Deborah Jones would be going to Australia to teach a few two-day workshops with Echidna Sewing Products (our Australian distributor), and after a lot of thought and consideration I decided to join her.

I’ll be taking many of my Embroider Buddy® favourites along with me as well as a new stuffed animal (watch for a blog announcement soon), plus new items from the Embroider Buddy® Home and Embroider Buddy® Holiday collections. While I’m meeting with attendees at these events, Deborah will be teaching two-day workshops about different embroidery techniques. She’ll focus on topics like; how to make embroidery easy and how to fix any mistakes you might make along the way.

If you’re interested in attending one of Deborah’s workshops you can select from either the Melbourne or Gold Coast events listed below:

July 18th & 19th
Melbourne – Bell City Event

July 23rd & 24th
July 25th & 26th
Gold Coast – Sea World Events

Deborah is taking Pauley Puppy with her on her travels, which Embroider Buddy® do you think I should take with me? Cast your vote in the comments below.