Embroider Buddy® Blog

School’s out. Have you planned your summer vacation yet? Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a weeklong stay at your favourite campground or an extended trip away to summer camp, summer vacations are often memory-making adventures for young families.

Did you know Embroider Buddy® animals make great travel companions?
Having an Embroider Buddy® as a travel companion can be a special way for children to take a little piece of home away with them, especially if they’re going to summer camp for the first time. A personalized stuffed animal can help children who have trouble getting into a routine when they’re away from home too, and once they’ve returned home all they need is a quick unzip, and you can toss the Embroider Buddy® into the wash to get it nice and clean.

Knowing that they’re washable means parents don’t have worry about them getting covered in ice cream, sand or who knows what depending on how little ones like to play. Our Embroider Buddy® animals are tough and durable, so they can feel safe sending an Embroider Buddy® along on a vacation or overnight summer camp to keep your child company.

Protect a child’s Embroider Buddy® from getting lost
Consider suggesting parents make an information card with contact information and place it inside the Embroider Buddy® zippered bottom. This allows for safe return in case their Embroider Buddy® gets misplaced or left behind by mistake. Note: they may wish to use an anonymous email address for added safety and privacy purposes.