Embroider Buddy®

One of the most frequent requests I get is people asking where they can find information about pricing for the Embroider Buddy® collection.

We’re a wholesale company and sell products to other businesses that in turn sell our products to their customers. If you’d like to become one of our Retail Partners, please complete a Retail Partner Application or contact us. In order to be one of our retail partners, you’ll need to provide a business number. Once we have your information, our team can set up your account quickly.

For North American Home Embroiderers or Hobbyists
If you’re a home embroiderer or hobbyist wanting to embroider your own Embroider Buddy® Pillows and other items, please contact us and a member of our customer service team will help you.

If you’re looking for an embroidered item, please visit our Where to Buy page for a dealer near you.

If you’re having trouble locating a retailer near you, please email us and we’ll point you in the direction that best suits your needs. .

For All Customers Outside North America
We have distributors located in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. If you’re looking for Embroider Buddy® products in either region, please contact either Echidna Sewing Products in Australia or contact G&B in the United Kingdom and Europe, for product availability and pricing.

If you have any other questions you would like answered, please let us know in the comments below and I’ll reply.