Embroider Buddy®

Zachary Zebra Buddy is almost here and ready to have fun! His black and white stripes, cute pointy ears and super soft mane and tail make him a guy who can't be ignored. Zachary is available in our standard 16” and has a flat white pile belly which will make it super easy to embroider a special message on him. He’ll be shipping this fall so pre-order today to make sure you’ll have him in your collection.

Zebras are known as being very social animals that travel in large packs and sleep standing up! We love how his or her stripes are distinct and unlike any other zebra, just like Zachary!

If you haven’t noticed our Embroider Buddy® family has grown a considerable amount so far this year. We have introduced Hedley Hedgehog, Kory Koala, Peyton Panda and Zachary Zebra.

With all the new animals that have been added, do you have a new favourite? Please share you thoughts in the comments below.