Celebrating Mom This Mother's Day

Most children grow up with at least one stuffed animal that they play with throughout their childhood. These plush animals become our friends and an important part of our lives at a very young age. Sometimes they are given to us before we are born and continue along with us on our journey for several years to follow.

This year, why not surprise your mom with a gift that is a little different, one that will remind her of when she first became a mother? With Embroider Buddy®, you can give her both an adorable, soft cuddly plush animal, (her favourite or yours) and it can be personalized with a special Mother’s Day design, or a great quote or phrase that will tell her how lucky you are to have her as your mom!

With 25 different plush animals to choose from, you are certain to find one that will be the perfect fit. Pendrick Penquin can be seen above, embroidered with a beautiful design and is ready to surprise someone special this Mother’s Day.

What plush animal do you think your mother would want to cuddle with the most?